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Place an order by contacting your sales rep or place your order online. To order online you'll need to sign up for a professional account. Once you have an account you can order while viewing a plant page or go to the Quick Order Page.

Have questions about ordering? Contact your sales rep for assistance.

We recommend that you place your order as early as possible; This helps to better match production with demand. Many customers create standing orders which can be adjusted each year.  

Terms & Conditions

Call your sales rep to request a price list.
We offer volume discounts on a per variety basis. Ordering multiple trays of the same plant will lower the price of that particular item.  To qualify for the three-tray price, you must order three trays of one item.  For example, an order of one tray each of six different hydrangea varieties will be invoiced at the single tray price.  An order of six trays of one hydrangea variety will be invoiced at the six-tray price. This discounting reflects the true cost of harvesting an order.
Minimum Shipments
We require a minimum order/shipment of 20 trays. Plants in 2 ¼” pots fit 32 plants per tray and those in 4” pots fit 18 plants per tray. Proven Winners ColorChoice varieties available in Quick Turn size come 16 plants per tray (two trays of 8). Trays cannot be broken.
Back orders (fewer than 6 trays) will be sent via FedEx Ground.  Larger orders may be palletized and sent via common carrier. We highly recommend that you utilize pallet shipments if possible. Check with our sales department for details.
You may pick up your order if you like. Boxes are available for pick-up orders at a charge of $1.35 per box.  If you will need boxes, please tell us ahead of time.  You may pick up plants Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 7:30 am and 2:00 p.m. EST. During the peak shipping season pick-up orders may be restricted.  Please call several days before you plan to pick up.  We will have your order gathered and ready to load.  Cash in advance orders must be paid in full prior to pick up. A tax-exempt form must be completed and submitted to our offices prior to your pick-up.
Credit Terms
If you wish to establish terms with Spring Meadow Nursery, fill out and submit a confidential credit application.  As soon as the completed application is returned to us, we can start the terms process, but the original signed application must be sent to us as well.
Charge Cards
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  You must complete a Charge Card Authorization Form before your account can be charged. This form may be faxed or mailed back to us and is used for the full season unless otherwise noted.
Changing an existing order
You may change your order up to two weeks before it is scheduled to ship. We will try to accommodate later changes, but once an order has been gathered and packed, it cannot be changed.
We will call you the day your order is shipped.  Please be prepared to take delivery of your plants within two to three days of this phone call.
Upon delivery
Please call us immediately if the packages are damaged; you may need to hold the material for inspection by the carrier.  If your order is sent via common carrier, it is extremely important that you note any damages on the delivery receipt.

Please unpack your plants immediately and water them thoroughly.  A short time on the loading dock can severely stress plants if the inside of the box heats up.  At this time it is extremely important that you inspect your order and note any problems (or potential problems.)  Please inform us immediately of any plants that are dried out, physically damaged or missing.  This is very important, even if you think the plants will recover from the shipping stress.  We will note your concerns and check back with you in a few days to see how your plants are doing.  Documenting concerns at the time of delivery is very important to the successful processing of claims.

Plants may shift during transit.  If your plants are out of their pots when you unpack them, please re-pot them and water them immediately.  With prompt attention, most uprooted plants will be OK in a few days.
Put your plants in a shaded area with good air circulation and reliable watering.  Actively growing potted liners may need watering daily or even more frequently.  Spring Meadow liners are not dormant.  DO NOT store them in a cooler.
You may wish to let the liners acclimate before planting. Plants that have been in transit for a few days may need some time in a shaded area before they are exposed to full sun.  This is especially true if you are a Southern grower; most of our liners are grown in shaded houses.
Newly planted liners may need extra water for a time as they root out into your media.  You may wish to add a time-release fertilizer to the pots at planting.
All claims must be submitted within 10 days of shipment.  Our warranty allows for replacement plants where justified.  If you deduct the cost of damaged plants from the original invoice, your replacement plants will be invoiced. If you pay for the original shipment, the replacement plants will be sent at no charge.  
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