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Tiny Tot
Thuja occidentalis
• 2 ¼"
• 4"
• Quick Turn
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Irresistible dwarf evergreen.

This is a delightful dwarf globe thuja, a bit taller than it is wide, with swirling fans of deep green foliage. A seedling of ‘Brandon,’ it is hardy and maintains good color all year round; it’s faster growing than ‘Danica’ or ‘Hetz Midget.’ With its outstanding container presentation and appealing, versatile habit, this cute little arborvitae is sure to be popular with homeowners.

  • Height 1 - 2'
  • Spacing 1 - 2'
  • Exposure Plant in sun or partial shade
  • Hardy Temp -40°F (-40°C)
  • Uses Borders; foundation plantings; accent plant
  • Features Evergreen. Dwarf conifer. Maintains shape without pruning.
  • Soil Prefers moist but well-drained soils.
  • Pruning Rarely needed; trim in late spring if desired.
  • Type Evergreen
  • Bloomtime Non-blooming
  • Flower Color Non-blooming
  • Foliage Color Green
  • Zone 3 - 7
  • Awards

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Faster growing than other dwarf globe arborvitaes.

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