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Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea Wins "Best in Show" at IGC Show

By 2010-08-25

Grand Haven, Mich., Aug. 25, 2010- The Invincibelle Spirit® Hydrangea won a "Best in Show" award at last week's Independent Garden Center (IGC) Show in Chicago.

The very first pink-flowered form of the 'Annabelle' hydrangea, Invincibelle Spirit is 2010's hot seller from Proven Winners® ColorChoice®.  

According to the IGC Show, a panel of six leading IGC retailers from across North America was tasked with scouting the best products in eight categories from vendors exhibiting at Chicago's Navy Pier.  The panel chose Invincibelle Spirit as "Best in Show" winner for the plant category.

"Not only did the panel of retailers recognize that Proven Winners ColorChoice's Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea is a quality plant, they are charged about the marketing behind it," said Jeff Morey, IGC Show Founder and Publisher of Nursery Retailer magazine. "The pledge to raise $1 million for breast cancer research, with $1 sent to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each Invincibelle Spirit plant sold, is a feel-good for consumers and an opportunity for independent garden centers to boost sales."

To download a photo of this, visit:

Morey said the IGC Show panelists evaluated products on the show floor, considering whether they would list the item for the coming season, where and how they would merchandise and promote it, what marketing and advertising support it would receive from the vendor, whether it would replace an existing stocked product and what product development opportunities it offered.

Following the initial selection, the top products in each category were discussed and scored from one to five under each of the following criteria: retailers' 'likelihood to purchase,' whether it solves a problem,' its 'uniqueness' and whether it is 'inspiring.' The company and product scoring the most number of points in each category was awarded 'Best of Show?' for that category.

Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea is the most reliable pink hydrangea available today, blooming year after year, even after the harshest of winters. At full maturity, it can produce more than 100 large pink blooms from midsummer until frost.

Because flower buds produce on new wood, this super-hardy hydrangea will still produce flowers even if the stems die back to the ground by extreme weather or cold. The blooms remain pink all season, regardless of the soil?s pH levels.    

Adding to its appeal, for every Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea sold at retail, $1.00 is being donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as part of the Invincibelle Spirit Campaign to raise $1 million for breast cancer research   (

About Proven Winners ColorChoice:
Proven Winners ColorChoice is the brand name of Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc., a market leader in flowering shrubs, potted liners and starter plants.  Located in Grand Haven, Mich., the. Spring Meadow Nursery has over 500 varieties in their catalog, including more than 100 varieties marketed under the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® brand, including Incrediball® Hydrangea, 'Limelight' Hydrangea, 'Pinky Winky' Hydrangea, 'My Monet' Weigela, Little Henry® Itea, Wine & Roses® Weigela, Quick Fire® Hydrangea and Invincibelle® Spirit Hydrangea.  For more information, visit  and


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