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INCREDIBALL® Hydrangea - 2022 Landscape Shrub of the Year

We know that landscapers need more than just pretty flowers to be successful. Durable, adaptable plants that hold up (and look great) for years are what you need. Fussy, high-maintenance selections need not apply.

That's why we highlight some plants as being great choices for landscape professionals. Clients ask for low-maintenance landscapes that look great all season, and many of them want to use native species. Water, either too much or not enough, is a common concern, as is wildlife - especially pollinators and songbirds. We're proud to offer an ever-expanding group of varieties that will help you meet these demands. Since we select for plants that perform in nursery production as well as in the landscape, you can count on a steady supply of the Proven Winners® varieties you add to your palette.

By using Proven Winners® plants in your designs you elevate your work above that of your competition. After all, you're not using the same same lighting systems you used twenty years ago, so why would you use the same plants? Proven Winners® plants will make your jobs more profitable and result in satisfied customers who are eager to refer you to friends. Learn more about our plants and how to use them with our reference material.

Ready to sell the job? From the initial meeting to the final design, we have the resources you need to make your vision a reality.

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