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Better Plants
Better Plants
More award-winning varieties than any other plant brand
Proven Winners®
Proven Winners®
We offer every Proven Winners® shrub variety making it easy for growers to create their own program
Robotic Liner Grading
Robotic Liner Grading
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Worldwide Breeder Network
Worldwide Breeder Network
Serving breeders, growers, and gardeners
100% Propagation
100% Propagation
Serving wholesale growers across North America

•Dale Deppe has watched his company grow from a small propagation nursery to one of the largest providers of proprietary plant materials in the country. The reason for this growth? Superior liners optimized to grow and finish fast, and a steady stream of introducing new flowering shrubs developed by top plant breeders across the world.  

In 1981, Dale founded Spring Meadow Nursery with his wife, Liz. Today, large and small nurseries from across North America look to Spring Meadow to do their propagation and to bring them new and exciting plants. We’re a market leader in the propagation of flowering shrubs, potted liners, and starter plants. Spring Meadow Nursery is also the developer behind Proven Winners® ColorChoice®, one of the most recognized brands in flowering shrubs in North America.

We have over 400 varieties in our catalog, with more than 270 varieties marketed under the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand, including Incrediball® Hydrangea, ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea, Pinky Winky® Hydrangea, My Monet® Weigela, Little Henry® Itea and Wine & Roses® Weigela.  

Get Your Liners in Peak Condition, Anywhere in North America

We ship to the 48 Continental United States and all of Canada. You can choose FedEx or USF for your carrier.

Plant trays are packed in our custom designed waxed boxes, and palletized and stretch-wrapped for common carrier or FedEx to ensure fast and safe transport to your location.

Because we ship only actively growing liners, from mid-April to October, every plant you get from us is in peak growing condition.  You don't risk the losses you face with dormant bare-root liners or rooted cuttings.

If you sell quality plants, you need quality liners. And you'll get those and more from Spring Meadow Nursery. Contact your sales rep to place an order.

Do You Have The Next Great Plant?

Breeders: Have you developed what you think might be the next great plant? If so, we can make it the next great plant introduction.

Breeders like you provide the passion, dedication and vision to create new and better plants.

Working as your partner, we'll provide you with the patent assistance, production, growers, and national distribution and marketing to make your new plant a commercial success.

We've got the reputation and track-record among gardeners and home owners to turn your plant into a household name.

To learn more about the services we offer breeders, contact Tim Wood, Product Development Manager at       616-223-3367

Grow Your Bottom Line

Tired of competing on price in the generic "black pot"  market? Grow your business with Proven Winners®, The #1 Plant Brand. The Proven Winners flowering shrub program has over 270 outstanding varieties, all backed with first-class marketing to help you sell more plants at a better margin.

Learn more about Proven Winners Shrubs

You Need Consistent Liners

Proven Winners was designed for growers like you! Our sales representatives would be happy to develop a custom program designed for your business.

See how this Robot Gives Your Nursery the Consistency You Need

As a grower, consistency means everything. That’s why we are dedicated to offering the most consistent and highest quality liners on the market.

Spring Meadow liners finish faster because the have more branches. We repeatedly trimmed our liners to have a full, low branching habit, you only get plants ready for easy turnaround.

Each liner we grow is graded by a robotic grading machine. Spring Meadow Nursery is the only shrub liner nursery in the world using this technology to ensure uniform standards for starter plants.

In the past, grading was conducted by hand, resulting in inefficiency and inconsistency. Our new grading machine evaluates 10,000 plants per hour, completely eliminating the possibility for human error.

Let us be your propagation department. We've made this investment so you don't have to, and so you can focus on making finishing plants and making more money.  

Interested in learning more? Contact your sales rep today.

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