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The leading nursery in flowering shrub liners, wholesale growers look to Spring Meadow for the highest quality, best branched potted liners and the best new Proven Winners shrubs.

Top sellers:
• Limelight Hydrangea
• Bobo Hydrangea
• Sweet Summer Love Clematis
• Bloomerang Lilacs
• Fire Light Hydrangea
• Tiny Wine Ninebark
• Wedding Ring Buxus
• Sonic Bloom Weigela
• Let's Dance Diva! Hydrangea
• Double Take Quince
• Lo & Behold Buddleia
• Incrediball Hydrangea
• Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas
• Knockout Rose liners
• Gatsby Oakleaf hydrangeas
• North Pole Thuja
• Wine & Roses Weigela

Now Is The Time  

1. Start with the highest quality shrub liner. Spring Meadow potted shrub liners are propagated and trimmed to give you better branching and faster growth.  

2. Grow the varieties that people want to buy; Proven Winners flowering Shrubs outsell all the other plant brands. They are marketed to give you strong sales and good prices.

3. Call your Spring Meadow sales rep today to make sure you get the best varieties. Many plants are in short supply, so don't delay. Orders are taken a on first call basis. Call 800-633-8859.


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