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Panicle Hydrangea
Hydrangea paniculata
pp#12874; cbr#2319
• 2 ¼"
• 4"
• Quick Turn
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Award-winning variety with distinctive lime-green blooms.

An exciting hardy hydrangea from Holland, 'Limelight' has unique bright chartreuse blooms in mid-summer that hold bright and refreshing color right into autumn when the blooms change color to a rich deep pink. The autumn display of chartreuse and pink blooms on the same plant is breathtaking! The color makes a great addition to the garden and it blends wonderfully with all other colors. Use 'Limelight', either fresh or dried, in bouquets to make a unique floral design. This is an easy to grow plant with reliable flowering and flower color regardless of soil pH. The flower heads are of good size, ranging from 6 to 12 inches and are held upright on the shrub. The blooms are well distributed making a very nice plant and display. Multiple awards, including the Missouri Botanical Garden Plant of Merit; Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal, American Society of Cut Flower Growers Cut Flower of the Year 2007, Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

  • Height 6 - 8'
  • Spacing 6 - 8'
  • Exposure Sun or partial sun
  • Hardy Temp -40°F (-40°C)
  • Uses Good in groupings and masses, in perennial and shrub borders, as a speciment, screen, or hedge. Good in containers, mixed containers, and as a cut flower.
  • Features Reliable, soft green summer flowers change to pink in fall. Great for cuts. Blooms every year. Soil pH does not affect bloom color.
  • Soil Adaptable to most well-drained soils. Bloom color is not affected by soil pH.
  • Pruning Prune back in late winter/early spring.
  • Type
  • Bloomtime
  • Flower Color Green
  • Foliage Color Green
  • Zone 3 - 8
  • Awards Gold Medal Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; 2008 Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit; Plant of Merit 2011, Missouri Botanic Garden

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Prefers good, loamy soil. Most adaptable of all hydrangeas to different soil types. Most urban tolerant and very difficult to kill. Best if pruned back in late winter or early spring. Prefers medium moisture, not as water dependent as Hydrangea macrop

By Irena

I planted my Limelight Hydrangeas last year, and in that first year it was already highlight of my garden in summer, in fall it showed pink to maroon shades, as weel as new lime green , all on the same plant. It looked stunning. I liked it that much, that I went and bought 20 more this year, to spread around the backyard and front yard as well!

By Rosie O'Grady  |  Ohio

I have two of these hydrangeas. They are just gorgeous and I live them. I dry the blossoms as they start turning deep pink and have several bouquets of them. They are just as beautiful now as on the plant.

By Laurie M Fraser  |  Kansas

This was my first hydrangea as I am new to this fantastic plant!  The first year I thought it had died over the winter not realizing that it had died back to the ground.  Six months later it is tripled in size from last year, growing right next to the front porch in partial shade.  It now is starting to form blooms which I know from last year are going to be the most delicious shade of light lime.  I dried last years flowers and they looked as perfect dried as they did on the plant.  My favorite garden shrub now!  I have planted four more on the same side of the house and now call that part of the garden the "hydrangea forest"".  Brilliant plant

By Patricia  |  Georgia

In warm Atlanta, zone 7, this Hydrangea is the easiest and most stunning hydrangea I have. We are in a drought, but these 4, (now 4 years old), seem the least affected under our stringent watering code, unlike the lacecaps I have. Perhaps the best thing are the August to October blooms, are absolutely lovely! They are sturdy plants, planted on a slope, partial mid day sun, amended soil.

By Megan  |  Georgia

I got 4 complements on this beautiful Hydrangea before even loading it in my car at the nursery. Love it in my yard and looking forward to mixing other colors with it's beautiful light green.

By Ronnie

[Limelight] has performed very well in my yard. I have placed it in a spot where it doesn't get much sun but the roots are kept quite damp and I had a good show of flower heads the first full year in. I like it so much I want to find a sunnier location to put another one! Thanks!

By Linda  |  New York

One word to describe this hydrangea is "Fantastic."" Beautiful color and large flower-heads. Blooms all summer into fall. Low maintenance and care. It's a showstopper - people passing by always stop and take a second look."

By Sandra

I love this plant, at first I forgot it's name and where I bought it, until I recently found the tag, which I always save. It really did well this past year (it's first year) Next spring I'm going to move it to where I can see it from my living room window.:) I dried the big, beautiful blooms for great winter arrangements.

By Gail  |  IL

I have many different hydrangeas but hardy Limelight is the best. Upright, very cold hardy and holds the flowers off the ground. It blooms on new wood and keeps color summer thru fall with lush lush blooms.

By Judy  |  RI

This Hydrangea is a show stopper: right now, first four months in the ground, full, full sun, lots of fresh air, it is blooming like mad: big, fat beautiful creamy, to bright white elongated blooms. They are sturdy blooms, and take a good wind. They don't collapse. It has doubled in size since April, and I'm looking forward to all the color changes it will go through. The shape of the plant is graceful and strong. It's a garden high-light. The Limelight I planted last year is equally fantastic, and it's in part shade. Last year the blooms got so big and the color changes were so amazing to see, you couldn't believe all that beauty on one plant. Because of that one plant, I went out and got three more. And I'm looking forward to adding a few more, too. Totally addicting, that Limelight.

By Valerie K.  |  WA

I planted two Limelights three years ago in my backyard which gets full sun. I absolutely love them. So easy to care for and such beautiful blossoms. This year, my daughter got married and we had a brunch in our backyard for the newlyweds. I received so many compliments on the blooms!! Our guests had never seen such large flowers on a hydrangea before. The only downfall is that the flowers do not tolerate water during the hot weather. My neighbors sprinklers were spraying over the fence and got the blooms wet during the noon hours and the flowers began to turn brown. All is well now, the sprinklers have been fixed!!

By David  |  May 20th, 2015

About the best shrub in my garden. Never fails to impress. Love the luminous glow of the blossoms in the evening.

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