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Invincibelle® Spirit Hydrangea & Pink Days Support Breast Cancer Researcher

By 2012-08-20

Raise over $250,000 in one year, funding a research project

Invincibelle® Spirit hydrangea has met a significant fund raising goal in its support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The combined donations from Pink Day events hosted by independent garden centers and sales of Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea have exceeded $250,000 in one year, an amount which will fully sponsor a medical research project in 2013.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the beneficiary of the funds raised, offers their partners a unique opportunity. If $250,000 is donated through the partnership within BCRF’s July-June fiscal year, the money is earmarked to fund one BCRF researcher for the following year. The partner works with BCRF to select which researcher their funds will support.

Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs became a BCRF partner in 2009, when they introduced Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea. Since then, $1 from each plant sold has been donated to BCRF. Pink Days, fund raising events for independent garden centers to raise money for breast cancer research, began at the same time. Though donations from the campaign are at nearly $500,000, 2012 was the first time that $250,000 was raised in a single year.  

“We are so grateful to all the gardeners and garden centers around North America that have helped contribute to this incredible achievement,” says Tim Wood, director of marketing for Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs, “Funding a researcher’s work is the best way to show everyone who has purchased Invincibelle Spirit or hosted or attended a Pink Day that their money is truly making a difference. Who knows? Maybe the research we fund will be the key to the cure!”

The name, location, and affiliation of the researcher will be decided in September 2012 and will be announced in October 2012 for breast cancer awareness month. The announcement will be made at the newly redesigned, at, and by press release.

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