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We created the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® brand to provide growers and garden center retailers with faster sales and better margins, and to assure consumers of more color with less effort. More than 270 colorful and exciting plants have earned the right to be a part of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice brand.

Each plant is evaluated and chosen according to our strict selection criteria:

•  Performs well in the garden
•  Has colorful attractive foliage
•  Enjoys multiple seasons of interest
•  Presents well in a container
•  Has impulse appeal
•  Is environmentally friendly
•  Offers a unique look, use or function in the  landscape
•  Is dwarf, compact or low maintenance
•  Has improved disease resistance
•  Presents well during peak garden center traffic
Proven Winners® ColorChoice takes the guesswork out of adding new plants to your product mix. Thanks to our extensive promotion- over one half billion impressions each year- in magazines, television, radio and newspapers. Consumers know and trust the Proven Winners brand.
When you combine great plants with effective marketing, you get better sales. Better doesn't just mean more units sold, it means higher margins, too. Premium Proven Winners® ColorChoice plants command a higher price than commodity plants and are less price sensitive.

Cityline® Berlin

Audrey Stephen

Alberta, Canada

I choose Proven Winners plants because they are reliable. (Facebook post)

Connie Kettle

Ontario, Canada

I choose Proven Winners because they are the very best there is to grow in Ontario. (Facebook post)

Beth Erdman

Bricelyn, Minnesota

I chose Proven Winners plants because they are always full and flowering... they add such joy to the landscape and to your everyday life! (Facebook post)

Susan Scimeca

I choose Proven Winners plants because I can count on them everytime to brighten my yard with little care and last the season through. They make -me- look good. :-) (Facebook post)

Lois Williams Powell

I choose Proven Winner plants because they never disappoint me. (Facebook post)

Karen G.


I've been gardening over 40 years and one of the best "new" things to come along for me is Proven Winners. I'm a plant collector and seem to want one of everything. But when I see that label on a plant, any hope of resistance is gone. Proven Winner plants are just that, PROVEN. I've proven them in my own garden, through drought, late freeze, dogs, etc. I wouldn't want to go back to gardening without them! Thank you!

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