Breeder Solutions

The work of talented, visionary breeders keeps the ornamental horticulture industry dynamic and competitive. For a business like Spring Meadow that has been built on introducing promising new plants, breeders are an integral component of our success. And we like to think that we've helped them achieve success, too, making plants like Pinky Winky® hydrangea, Wine & Roses® weigela, and the Chiffon® series of hibiscus household names thanks to our recognizable brand, distribution channels, and marketing efforts. 

As plant lovers and breeders ourselves, we understand the concerns and needs of those who develop new varieties. If you are a breeder looking for a partner to introduce a new woody ornamental, Spring Meadow offers several benefits:

  • Complete confidentiality and transparency 
  • Thorough, objective trialing and testing
  • Careful and accurate patent applications in the US (and in Canada and abroad where applicable)
  • Competitive compensation
  • Over 42 acres of growing space means fewer backorders and bigger sales of liners of your plant
  • A nationwide to global distribution network
  • The largest marketing budget in the industry gets your plant in front of thousands of growers, retailers, landscapers, and consumers

We know that there is a great deal of competition for new plants, and particularly for shrubs, in the current market, but we hope that you'll consider Spring Meadow as you look to make the next step in introducing your invention to the industry. 

Contact Tim Wood, New Plant Development Manager, to discuss how we can help you make your new plant the best new plant introduction (that's him on the right up there!).

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