Ordering Information

Thank you for interest in ordering liners from Spring Meadow! Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about ordering; further questions can be directed to your account manager.

How do I place an order?

Place an order by contacting your account manager, or order online. Placing an online order will send the list of plants you've selected to your account manager, who will get in touch the next business day to confirm availability, ship date, and take payment details. 

All orders are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

What's your ordering deadline?

Orders to the US must be placed, confirmed, and paid for by 12pm ET on Wednesday in order to ship the following week; 9am ET on Tuesday for Canada. Changes to an order can be made up to two weeks before scheduled shipment. Once an order has been picked from the greenhouse, it cannot be changed.

Where can I get a liner availability list?

We do our best to maintain availability on everything in our catalog by propagating multiple crops a year, so we do not publish a regular availability list. However, your account manager would be happy to check size and quantity availability of any of our plants. 

To ensure you get the plants that you want, we recommend that you place a standing order. Standing orders get preference when we are allocating plants as we propagate specifically to fill them. You can still adjust a standing order up until the Wednesday before it ships.

How do I see your pricing?

A full price list is available from your account manager. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You must complete a credit card authorization form before we charge your order. If you wish to establish terms with Spring Meadow, fill out and submit a confidential credit application. We will begin the terms approval process as soon as receiving your form, though we do require that you send the original to us so that we may keep it on file. 

What are your minimum order quantities?

A minimum of 20 trays must be ordered. A tray of each size is as follows:

Liner Size Tray Quantity
2¼" 32 
4" 18
Quick Turn (1 qt) 16

We do not break trays; liners must be ordered in multiples of the quantities listed above.

Volume discounts apply at the following quantities of a single variety:

Liner Size 3 tray break 16 tray break 32 tray break
2¼" 96 liners 512 liners 1024 liners
4" 54 liners 504 liners 1008 liners
Quick Turn (1 qt) 96 liners 512 liners 1024 liners


How do you ship?

All orders are shipped from Grand Haven, Michigan, USA. Whole truck shipments are packed on sturdy, specially built racks which are wrapped in plastic film; for LTL shipments, trays are boxed, stacked on a pallet, corner-stabilized, and wrapped in plastic film. If you need liftgate service, please inform your account manager ahead of time.

We ship year-round to all 50 states and Canada by both dry and refrigerated trucks. 

May I pick up my order from Spring Meadow?

Yes. Order pickup is available with advance notice Wednesday-Friday from 7:30 am-2:00 pm ET during the main growing season (April-October). Please set up pickups with your account manager by 2pm ET Wednesday to pick up the following week. If you need boxes, please tell us when making your pickup arrangements. 

What should I do when I get my plants?

First, inspect all boxes, racks, or liners for shipping damage and note this on the bill of lading. Make a copy or scan for your records and send to your account manager as well. All of our liners are shipped potted and actively growing - do NOT store them in a cooler. Remove plants from the box or rack and immediately re-pot and water any liners that become dislodged during shipping. We recommend that you allow 5-7 days for the plants to recover from shipping before potting. In this time, keep them in a protected spot away from frost, strong sun, wind, etc., and water as needed. See our full care of liners info sheet for more information.

What is your claims policy?

We want your experience with our liners to be successful and profitable. We offer a 10-day window for claims of shortages, errors, and plant health/quality problems. If you discover any issues on receipt of your order, contact your account manager immediately. We will note your concerns for future reference and follow up with you a few days later to evalaute the condition of the plants. Spring Meadow will replace plant material for shortages, size or variety errors, or quality issues. After ten days, our guarantee of the plant material expires. Please document any issues with photos: they will be required to make a claim.