Liners Growers Count On

Known for consistent quality and branching.

When you sell a finished plant, we know it's your reputation on the line. That's why we raise all of our liners to get you off to the best possible start. Our liners are trimmed multiple times to ensure abundant low branching that lets you produce a dense, appealing shrub. All are fully rooted into our custom blended, custom mixed soilless media. Our potted liners let you pot up your order on your own time, as your schedule and workflow allow. 

Choose from three sizes: 2 1/4", 4", and Quick Turn liners. 

Why choose Spring Meadow for your flowering shrub and evergreen liners?


Whether you serve commercial landscapers, high-end specialty garden centers, or anything in between, our 400+ different varieties will help you stand apart from the competition.


Each year, we grow at least two crops of nearly every variety in this catalog to ensure you can get the plants that you and your customers want. If you place a standing order, you eliminate the risk of backorders and sellouts, since we propagate specfifically to fulfill all standing orders. 


Our West Michigan location allows for short transit times across the US and Canada. Plants arrive quickly, and with less stress and damge. Place your order by 9am ET on a Wednesday for delivery as soon as the following week during the growing season.


Our account managers cover small territories so they can get to know you and your business, ensuring the best service and support for you and your team, from growers to marketing.


Every Proven winners ColorChoice Shrub gets its start right here at Spring Meadow. As thje point of originations forthe woody plants in the brand, we can provide insight on growing, as well as sales and marketing support, like grower sheets, photography, and regional guidance. We offer a range of resources to train your staff and increase your profits. 

If you'd like to experience first-hand why Spring Meadow liners are the right choice for your woody plant production, we'd love to host you for a visit! Contact the account manager for your state or province for more information.