PWCC Expands with new partnership

 Proven Winners® Color Choice® Expands with European Partnership

1/26/2016 - Spring Meadow Nursery Inc., the company responsible for trialing, selection, distribution, and the marketing of all woody Proven Winners® genetics in North America, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Proven Winners® Europe Ltd. to introduce its flowering shrubs under the Proven Winners® brand in Europe along with ValkPlant BV. The expansion creates a cohesive brand for what is now a global market, immediately introducing over 24 popular shrubs to the European market with the potential for 125 or more in the future.

“The Internet has created a smaller, more connected world where our U.S. marketing campaigns are reaching overseas markets,” said Tim Wood, head of product development at Spring Meadow Nursery. “European growers and consumers contact us regularly asking where to get our plants. Partnering with Proven Winners® Europe and ValkPlant connects all the dots.”

Extending the brand and the grower network is good news for plant breeders, too. Spring Meadow Nursery and ValkPlant work closely with a worldwide network of breeders, with the reputation of making plants successful. The European partnership not only makes it easier to become involved with the brand but to see the maximum return for their efforts on a larger, international stage. 

Proven Winners® is the number one plant brand in the world, with a proven track record of providing added value to plant breeders, growers, retailers and the consumer.  In North America, the brand was founded by Euro American Propagators, Four Star Greenhouse, and Pleasant View Gardens. In 2004, Spring Meadow Nursery formed an exclusive partnership with Proven Winners® North America to bring its ColorChoice line of woody plants under the Proven Winners® brand. This initially brought over 30 varieties under the Proven Winners® brand and the number grew to over 240 woody plants by the spring of 2015. Proven Winners Europe Ltd. is a partnership between six propagators: Kientzler GMBH in Germany, Andreas Psenner E. G. in Italy, Grup Roig in Spain, Plantpol in Poland, Hansson DK in Denmark, and Kernock Park Plants in Great Britain. Beginning in the spring of 2017, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® flowering shrubs will be propagated and distributed through the Proven Winners® Europe Ltd. grower network along with Spring Meadow’s existing European network of growers which is managed by VIP-Valkplant of the Netherlands. To learn more about the shrubs being offered by Proven Winners® in Europe visit

About Spring Meadow Nursery
Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc. is a market leader in flowering shrubs, potted liners, plant breeding and breeder representation. Located in Grand Haven, Michigan, Spring Meadow Nursery grows over 500 varieties of woody plants, including over 240 varieties marketed under the Proven Winners® brand. Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs have won over 158 awards, more than any other shrub brand. A few of the better-known varieties include  Invincibelle® Spirit (Pink Annabelle) Hydrangea, Incrediball® (Strong Annabelle) hydrangea,  The Lo & Behold® Chip Series of butterfly bushes, Bloomerang® reblooming lilacs,  Wine & Roses® Weigela and Little Lime® Hydrangea®.

About ValkPlant BV
Located in Boskoop, the Netherlands, an area known for its long history of growing trees and shrubs, and horticultural innovation. Founded in 1992 by Ria and Wim van der Poel, Valkplant was one of the pioneers in establishing plant breeder rights in Europe for woody plants. The company has extensive expertise in the world of plants, specializing in selecting and testing new plant varieties; protecting these new varieties with Plant Breeders Rights; Building a good network of growers; supporting this growers group in maximizing production and providing tailored advice how to grow the new plant; Introducing the new plant variety together with the growers using the needed marketing. ValkPlant has a wealth of knowledge in the area of establishing Plant Breeders Rights in Europe and the USA and has expertise in growing, breeding, exporting and marketing. They combine all these aspects to make new plant varieties successful. For more information, visit