Shrub Madness partners with Corona Tools to make this year’s competition more exciting than ever

It’s year eight for Shrub Madness, the thrilling contest that pits shrub-against-shrub in a fierce single-elimination tournament where 64 Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs will once again compete in a no-holds-barred battle for the chance to be crowned National Champion. Making sure year eight is ever more great, Shrub Madness has partnered with Corona® Tools to create a grand prize that is bigger and better than ever.

Shrub Madness runs in prediction mode Feb. 15-26. During that time, players can create an account and fill out a bracket with their predictions as to which shrubs will win each faceoff to the final round.

Participants are eligible for the month-long plant drawings. At the end of Shrub Madness, four players are randomly selected to win a collection of the last four Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs standing, known as the Floral Four. Finally, the player with the bracket prediction closest to the final results will win a grand prize pack that includes the coveted Floral Four plant pack, plus a Plant Geek Swag Bag, which this year includes a $250 gift card from Corona Tools.

All registered players can vote and win plants from the month-long prize drawings, but only those who have completed brackets during prediction mode will be eligible for the grand prize.

More big news about this year’s competition is that hydrangeas are back, and they are ready to rumble! Last year, hydrangeas took a break to let other shrubs enjoy the spotlight, but this year Limelight Prime® panicle hydrangea and the diminutive Wee Bit Grumpy® bigleaf hydrangea are back and in great form for the 2021 faceoffs. But they have some stiff competition from other new varieties like the fragrant Illuminati Arch® mock orange and Austin Pretty Limits® oleander, a shrub that already knows how to take the heat. To see past winners, visit the Shrub Madness Hall of Fame.

Round one voting starts March 1 and continues through the month. To cast votes during the plant matchups and be eligible for end-of-round random prize drawings, players can register for an account on the Shrub Madness website now and any time until the last round of the competition. A new account must be created each year to be eligible for prizes. Join the Madness; who knows who will reign supreme and go home with a coveted Floral Four plant pack and this year’s spectacular grand prize?

No purchase necessary to win. For official rules and eligibility, go to: Official Rules - SHRUB MADNESS