Holly - Japanese

Ilex crenata


USPP 26,997

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Bright yellow Brass Buckle Ilex crenata shines in landscape Close u pof fiely textured yellow Brass Buckle Ilex crenata foliage Diminutive Brass Buckle Ilex crenata in landscape Tiny lime colored Brass Buckle Ilex crenata in landscape
  • Evergreen
  • Colorful foliage
  • Dwarf habit

As cute as a button!

Diminutive, finely textured Brass Buckle® Japanese holly shines all year long. The glossy, clear yellow evergreen foliage is burn-resistant, and is a fresh shade of gold that is much nicer than that of other varieties. Very neat and useful dwarf habit.

USDA Zone 6 - 8 (-10°F/-23°C)

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Exposure Full sun, Part sun

Height 1 - 1.5'

Width 1 - 1.5'

Finish Time 1 season

Type Evergreen

Bloom Time Spring

Flower Color White

Foliage Color Green

Liner Sizes 2 1/4", 4", Quick Turn

Soil Ideally, grow in moist acidic soils with good drainage. Tolerates urban conditions well, however.

Pruning Seldom needed, may be shaped in late winter.

Uses Very compact, dwarf habit is excellent for rock gardens and garden railways. Or use as a groundcover, edging, in mixed borders, or containers.

Growing Tips Chlorosis may occur on alkaline soils. Super dwarf habit all but eliminates the need to prune. Grows in shade, but color and form are best with some sun.