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Taxus x media


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  • Best for hedges
  • Evergreen
  • Shade tolerant

This is a popular columnar form of yew with dark green evergreen foliage. It is easily maintained and the preferred yew for hedges.

USDA Zone 5 - 7 (-20°F/-28°C)

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Exposure Full sun, Part sun, Shade

Height 8 - 10'

Width 6 - 8'

Finish Time 2 seasons

Type Evergreen

Foliage Color Green

Liner Sizes 2 1/4"

Soil Adaptable to various soil pH levels, but good drainage is imperative.

Pruning Pruning is not required, though it can tolerate heavy pruning and shaping if desired. Pruning or trimming in late spring, after the new growth has emerged and hardened off slightly, is best.

Uses Hedges; mixed borders; foundation plantings; specimen.

Growing Tips Tolerates heavy shearing or pruning, either to shape as desired or accentuate natural habit. Very susceptible to deer damage.