SUNJOY® Gold Beret


Berberis thunbergii


USPP 20,602

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Low growing Sunjoy Gold Beret Berberis in landscape Low growing Sunjoy Gold Beret Berberis in landscape Low growing Sunjoy Gold Beret Berberis in landscape Sunjoy Gold Beret Berberis in decorative ceramic container YouTube video describing the plant shown on this page
  • Very dwarf
  • Bright color
  • Burn resistant

Improved dwarf golden barberry! Sunjoy® Gold Beret barberry is a super-small mounding type with bright gold foliage, attractive red new growth and red fall color. Proven to be burn resistant in side by side tests with other yellow leaf barberry. A low maintenance plant for mass plantings or tight spaces that need a shot of bright color. Of particular interest to those with rock gardens, outdoor railroads, and dwarf conifer collections.

Awards MOBOT Tried and True

USDA Zone 4 - 8 (-30°F/-34.4°C)

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Exposure Full sun

Height 6 - 12"

Width 12 - 18"

Finish Time 1.5 seasons

Type Deciduous

Bloom Time Spring

Flower Color Yellow

Foliage Color Yellow

Liner Sizes 2 1/4", 4", Quick Turn

Soil Any well-drained soil will do; tolerates dry conditions once established.

Pruning Barberry does not take well to hard pruning. However, it may be trimmed as needed in late spring/early summer. Avoid cutting into thick wood unless you are removing entire branches.

Uses Shrub borders, mxed plantings, low hedges, rock gardens

Growing Tips Very versatile habit and wide-ranging appeal for landscapers and homeowners alike. No pruning or trimming required.