2019-20 edition of ‘Gardening Simplified’ publication takes new approach

Volume seven of Gardening Simplified magazine, featuring Proven Winners® ColorChoice® flowering shrubs, has been released.

The 100-page reference guide is part of a direct-to-consumer advertising approach and provides gardening information, colorful photos, planting and landscaping ideas and growing tips about a wide variety of Proven Winners ColorChoice flowering shrubs. The 2019-20 edition organizes a wide variety of shrubs according to their landscape roles, rather than the alphabetical listing from previous versions. From specimen plants to winter interest, beginning and experienced gardeners alike will gain inspiration and get practical tips about how to use shrubs to create the landscapes of their dreams.

Author Stacey Hirvela, earned a Silver Medal of Achievement from the Association for Garden Communicators for the 2018-19 edition of Gardening Simplified. With the bar already set high, she knew the 2019-20 publication had to be reimagined into something completely new and special.

“Our goal with this edition was to help readers understand how to use our plants, not just think, 'oh, that’s pretty', and not take any action.” Stated Hirvela, “It’s easy to show people how beautiful our plants are; showing them how to incorporate them into their existing landscape is more difficult. This new approach took extra time and close collaboration with Todd Johnson, the designer, but I think it really paid off.”

The magazine is published every two years, and mailed to over 40,000 consumers, plus they are distributed at gardening events, to homeowner’s associations, master gardener groups and other gardening-related events and venues. It is part of the comprehensive approach to product support that is designed to help consumers understand the value of purchasing Proven Winners ColorChoice shrubs at local retail garden centers, and give them information to be more successful in the garden. Garden center owners who wish to offer the magazine to their customers should contact their Spring Meadow Nursery sales representative for more information.