Proven Winners® ColorChoice Shrubs® Celebrates Remarkable Milestone

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrubs has announced a monumental achievement in its 2023 marketing endeavors, reaching an impressive total of over 450 million impressions. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the company's unwavering commitment to supporting growers, garden centers, and landscapers throughout North America.

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® has solidified its position as an industry trailblazer by executing the most comprehensive consumer marketing campaign to date. The nationwide campaigns showcase an expansive plant line designed to thrive in diverse climates, including both humid and arid hot regions.

In a strategic blend of conventional and innovative media outlets, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® has successfully penetrated various platforms, including but not limited to National Public Radio, the Stanley Cup playoffs and finals in Canada, streaming television, subscription services, and podcasts. Notably, the company boasts its own consumer radio show and podcast called Gardening Simplified, which, based on download numbers, has placed in the top 3-5% of all podcasts nationally.

Co-hosted by Stacey Hirvela and Rick Vuyst, Gardening Simplified has garnered significant attention and engagement. Adriana Robinson, the show’s producer, shares, "We believe in the power of education and communication. Our podcast isn't just about spreading information; it's about growing relationships and fostering a sense of community."

The company's dedication to building meaningful connections goes beyond numbers, evident in its substantial engagement on social media platforms. Samantha Otto, the brand’s social media specialist, states, "We see social media as more than a platform; it’s a place for cultivating connections, where conversations unfold, and a shared love for gardening weaves into a rich fabric of shared experiences."

The people behind the brand take pride in their commitment to consumer satisfaction, exemplified by the personal and direct responses to over 2,000 questions about woody ornamentals submitted to the Proven Winners® feedback line over the past year. This dedication underscores the company's mission to bring a human voice to its customer support, empowering individuals, whether they are novice gardeners or seasoned experts, to succeed in their gardening endeavors.

Spring Meadow Nursery is the exclusive licensee of the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® line of ornamental shrubs, overseeing all marketing endeavors to provide comprehensive support to their wholesale customers and nursery industry partners. As they celebrate this monumental achievement, the nursery looks forward to continuing its innovative and engaging marketing strategies.