Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Expands Catalog with the Addition of Hollywood™ Hibiscus

Spring Meadow Nursery is thrilled to announce the exciting addition of J. Berry's renowned Hollywood™ Hibiscus to its catalog of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® flowering shrubs. This partnership between Spring Meadow Nursery and J. Berry marks a significant expansion in its array of exceptional flowering shrubs.

The strategic alliance ensures seamless access to Hollywood Hibiscus varieties through Spring Meadow Nursery's growers as well as the existing network of Hollywood Hibiscus licensed growers.

"Welcoming J. Berry's Hollywood Hibiscus to the Proven Winners ColorChoice family is the perfect way to begin the New Year." expressed Jeremy Deppe, Spring Meadow's general manager. "Both Spring Meadow and J. Berry are family-owned nurseries that aren’t afraid to invest heavily in new genetics. We both recognize the value that superior plants bring to the industry, so this partnership is a natural fit."

Hollywood Hibiscus’ star was launched from Jim Berry’s Hibiscus rosa-sinensis breeding program, which sought to improve upon the single-day blooms, lack of flower power, susceptibility to foliar diseases and white flies that plagued conventional tropical hibiscus. What he developed was a series of tropical hibiscus with improved foliage, habits, pest and disease resistance, and vibrant, eye-catching flowers that last up to three days. These distinctive features, along with an exceptional bud and bloom count, make Hollywood Hibiscus naturally suited to Proven Winners ColorChoice, a brand that can appreciate a plant with extraordinary star power.

“We are thrilled to offer Hollywood Hibiscus as part of the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand,” said Jonathan Berry, “We have a long history of partnering with Spring Meadow, so we already know that we share similar values, including the most essential belief that the best genetics, always win.”

Proven Winners ColorChoice Hollywood Hibiscus will continue to be grown at J. Berry facilities in Texas. Retailers with J. Berry Hollywood Hibiscus currently in stock will continue to sell through current inventory, and new liners of Proven Winners ColorChoice Hollywood Hibiscus will transition to the classic white Proven Winners® containers. “We’re looking forward to 2025,” said Spring Meadow marketing manager Stacey Hirvela, “when every beautiful variety of Hollywood Hibiscus will be showcased in the distinctive white Proven Winners ColorChoice container and outfitted with the eye-catching diamond hang-tag.”

An exciting addition to the Proven Winners ColorChoice shrubs collection, Hollywood Hibiscus thrives deep into southern regions, expanding the footprint of the premium plant brand. Hollywood Hibiscus are bred to withstand the high intensity heat and sunlight of the south, but will also thrive in patio containers in colder climates.

This partnership is a culmination of shared values and complementary expertise, showcasing how two great companies can achieve more together and set new benchmarks for excellence in the horticulture industry.

About J. Berry:
J. Berry is a renowned breeder of breakthrough plants, committed to bringing unique and extraordinary varieties to the market. With a focus on innovation and a passion for plant breeding, J. Berry has gained recognition for its exceptional introductions that captivate the gardening community.

About Spring Meadow Nursery:
Located in Grand Haven, Michigan, Spring Meadow grows over 300 varieties of ornamental shrubs marketed under the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® brand. For more information, visit