Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shines in Times Square!

Proven Winners ColorChoice is taking the stage in one of the world's most iconic locations: Times Square. The renowned national shrub brand is lighting up the heart of New York City with its brilliant digital billboard, located at the corner of 43rd Street and Broadway, across from the Nasdaq screen.

Conceived by Spring Meadow's Stacey Hirvela and brought to life by videographer Adriana Robinson, the lively display showcases some of the brand's most beloved shrubs, spinning into view against the vibrant backdrop of Times Square. Each image highlights why Proven Winners ColorChoice shrubs stand out as the star of the show, engaging onlookers with their beauty and exceptional performance.

Reflecting on this innovative advertising opportunity, Hirvela remarked, "We couldn't pass up the chance to bring our brand to life in such a dynamic setting. Times Square represents a unique platform to elevate our brand awareness, especially in a region where landscaping and gardening hold significant cultural value."

Since its debut at the end of April, the advertisement has been running a minimum of 80 times per day, at least 15 minutes every hour from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., and will continue to do so until the end of July. This campaign is projected to generate over 10 million impressions for the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand throughout its duration. Creative will be changed periodically during its run to reflect what is blooming in the garden and garden centers.

The original video can be viewed running onsite here: