Spring Meadow implements safety policies amid COVID-19 crisis

March 16, 2020 – At this time, growing operations at Spring Meadow Nursery are continuing in an uninterrupted matter, while internal operations are adjusted to ensure optimum employee safely.

With the recognition that every member of the worldwide community needs to go the extra mile to slow down the spread of COVID-19, Spring Meadow is doing its part by putting in place internal policies that reference the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local government and health authorities.

Spring Meadow has suspended all travel for its employees during the current health crisis and joins with those the horticulture industry in encouraging growers and those in the retail sector to take the precautions recommended by the CDC to safeguard their health, and that of others. 

Communications have been distributed to employees in regards to thorough hand washing, cleaning of hard surfaces and hand sanitizing. Spring Meadow has also implemented emergency policies that require employees to stay home if they experience any signs if sickness, along with instructions about how to properly seek medical help.  

Spring Meadow currently has procedures in place to ensure operations continue in an uninterrupted way. At this time, shipping has not been negatively impacted and wholesale growers can be assured that the crops are safe, and their orders are secure.

In Michigan, as it is with many other states, facilities that house large groups indoors, such as schools, restaurants, and bars, have all been ordered to close temporarily. Outdoor activities that are largely solitary in nature, such as gardening, are safe and encouraged as a physically and psychologically healthy way to navigate through the current health climate.

Spring Meadow believes that this is an important factor that will assist in the success of horticulture industry during this time of uncertainty. With that, these businesses can use the tools available to them to make a positive impact on the members of their community, encouraging them to stay active, beautify their surroundings, and create safe spaces where they can grow and heal.

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For questions or concerns, customers can reach out to their account representative. Press inquiries can be directed to natalie@springmeadownursery.com.