Evergreen Cephalotaxus Fritz Huber in landscape

‘Fritz Huber’

Plum Yew

Cephalotaxus harringtonii

'Fritz Huber'

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Evergreen Cephalotaxus Fritz Huber in landscape
  • Heat tolerant
  • Evergreen
  • Versatile habit

Low growing variety. 'Fritz Huber' cephalotaxus is a little known but very elegant prostrate selection. It is an attractive, hardy evergreen that holds its color well through the winter. Deer resistant, shade tolerant, and reported to grow well as far south as Houston, Texas. A bit more mounded and bun-like than 'Duke Gardens.'

USDA Zone 6 - 10 (-10°F/-23°C)

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Exposure Full sun, Part sun, Shade

Height 2 - 3'

Width 3 - 4'

Finish Time 2 seasons

Type Evergreen

Foliage Color Green

Liner Sizes 2 Quart

Soil Cool, moist soils preferred.

Pruning Little needed; Prune to shape in early summer if desired.

Uses Foundation plantings; groundcover; edging; mass plantings.

Growing Tips Cephalanthus is widely planted as a substitute for Taxus in warm climates. Very shade tolerant. Plant in a protected site in the colder end of its range.