Punica granatum



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  • Dwarf habit
  • Very long blooming
  • Grows indoors in cold areas

The perfect summer patio plant!

Pomegranate is a beautiful plant with a long, storied history - and this dwarf selection opens it up to a whole new audience. Peppy Le Pom™ ornamental pomegranate is a dwarf shrub that blooms early and all summer long, peppered with jaw-droppingly bright orange blooms. They give way to small ornamental fruits - the few seeds inside are edible, but not the primary reason we selected this plant. Its petite frame makes it ideal for use as a container plant, and in cold climates, it can be brought indoors for winter and grown as a houseplant. Warm climates can enjoy it as a dwarf  shrub with a wide range of applications in the landscape.

Evergreen under most conditions; may defoliate if exposed to temperatures below 40°F/40°C but will reflush when warm temperatures return.

Awards Direct Gardening Association Green Thumb Award

USDA Zone 7 - 10 (10°F/-12.3°C)

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Exposure Full sun

Height 3 - 4'

Width 3'

Finish Time 1 season

Type Evergreen

Bloom Time Summer

Flower Color Orange

Foliage Color Green

Liner Sizes 2 1/4", 4", Quick Turn

Soil Not finicky about pH; any well-drained soil will do.

Pruning Trim to shape as needed in early spring.

Uses Containers, low hedging, landscaping, herb gardens.

Growing Tips If moving indoors for winter, provide bright light and good air circulation. If plant suffers in winter, moving it back outdoors when it becomes warm enough in spring will help it make a rapid recovery.