Virginia Creeper

Parthenocissus quinquefolia


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Close up of vibrant red Red Wall Parthenocissus foliage on chain link fence Close up of red and yellow Red Wall Parthenocissus foliage Green foliage from Red Wall Parthenocissus
  • Fabulous in fall
  • Fast growing
  • Native
Superior, consistent fall color. Good fences make good neighbors, the old saying goes, but fences can be downright ugly. Red Wall® Virginia creeper was selected specifically to dress up those miles of stockade fence going up each year. This native vine has dark green foliage that turns to fire-engine red in the fall; blue fruit in fall. This fast-growing and Salt tolerant native vine is the easiest way to create a colorful "green wall."

USDA Zone 3 - 9 (-40°F/-40°C)

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Exposure Full sun, Part sun

Height 20 - 30'

Width 5 - 10'

Finish Time .5 season

Type Deciduous

Bloom Time Spring

Flower Color White

Foliage Color Green

Liner Sizes 4", Quick Turn

Soil Highly adaptable.

Pruning Pruning is not generally required except to keep plant within desired boundaries. This may be done anytime, as the old wood blooms are not significant enough to merit preserving.

Uses Coverage of walls, fences, and other structures.

Growing Tips Climbs through cupped rootlets. Quite fast growing and vigorous once established and growing vertically.