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Buxus Green Gem in boxwood garden

‘Green Gem’


Buxus x

'Green Gem'

Conical Buxus Green Mountain in landscape

‘Green Mountain’


Buxus x

'Green Mountain'

Buxus Green Velvet in nursery field

‘Green Velvet’


Buxus x

'Green Velvet'

Callicarpa Early Amethyst in landcape

‘Early Amethyst’


Callicarpa dichotoma

'Early Amethyst'

Close up of two white Calycanthus Venus blooms



Calycanthus x


Close up of blue flowers and red buds of Ceanothus Julia Phelps

‘Julia Phelps’

California Mountain Lilac


'Julia Phelps'

Low-mounding Cephalotaxus Duke Gardens in landscape

‘Duke Gardens’

Plum Yew

Cephalotaxus harringtonii

'Duke Gardens'

Narrow growing Cephalotaxus Fastigiata


Plum Yew

Cephalotaxus harringtonii


Evergreen Cephalotaxus Fritz Huber in landscape

‘Fritz Huber’

Plum Yew

Cephalotaxus harringtonii

'Fritz Huber'

Cercis Don Egolf in landscape

‘Don Egolf’


Cercis chinensis

'Don Egolf'

Chamaecyparis Crippsii in landscape

Golden Fernleaf

False Cypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa


Yellow thread like foliage on Chamaecyparis Gold Mop

‘Gold Mop’

False Cypress

Chamaecyparis pisifera

'Gold Mop'

Showing 13–24 of 143 total results.