Upright and narrow Juniperus Gold Cone in landscape

‘Gold Cone’


Juniperus communis

'Gold Cone'

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Upright and narrow Juniperus Gold Cone in landscape
  • Evergreen
  • Sun loving
  • Deer resistant

A striking evergreen, 'Gold Cone' juniper has an upright, narrow habit and golden new growth, which it holds through the season. It fades to bluish-green in winter.

USDA Zone 5 - 7 (-20°F/-28°C)

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Exposure Full sun

Height 3 - 5'

Width 1 - 2'

Finish Time 1.5 seasons

Type Evergreen

Foliage Color Yellow

Liner Sizes 4"

Soil Well-drained soil is imperative; can tolerate dry conditions and poor soils.

Pruning Pruning is not typically required as a matter of course; prune to shape or to control spread as needed.

Uses Specimen plant; mixed borders; rock gardens.

Growing Tips Makes a striking specimen. Trim as needed to maintain dense growth.