Goji Berry

Lycium barbarum


31,084; cbraf

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  • Extra large berries
  • High yields
  • Easy to grow

It may come as a surprise that an exotic sounding, notoriously nutritious fruit like goji berry is easy to grow - but it is indeed! Red Zeppelin® goji was selected for its extra-large fruit which makes for easier harvesting. Purple flowers in mid-summer develop into jewel-like red fruits that are bitter and tomato-like when fresh but turn sweet when set out to dry for a week or so. Very high yielding, especially in alkaline soils.

USDA Zone 5 - 9 (-20°F/-28.9°C)

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Exposure Full sun

Height 10'

Width 2 - 4'

Finish Time 1 season

Type Deciduous

Bloom Time Summer

Flower Color Purple

Foliage Color Green

Liner Sizes 2 1/4", 4", Quick Turn

Soil Grows best in alkaline soils. Can be grown in neutral to acidic soils, but may develop chlorosis. Tolerant of poor soils but looks best and is most productive with high fertility.

Pruning Goji is an unruly plant that benefits from harsh training when it is young. Prune in early spring as needed.

Uses Specimen; home gardens; fruit production.

Growing Tips Harvest begins in mid-late summer. Pick berries as needed. They are quite bitter and tomato-like when fresh but can be easily dried, which means a significant improvement in sweetness. Staking is recommended.