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Ushio Sakazaki



Cascade Hydrangea

Hydrangea ×


PP#35,989; CBRAF

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Fairytrail White cascade hydrangea in a pot on a deck "} Close up of the white blooms of Fairytrail White hydrangea Fairytrail White cascade hydrangea in a landscape A line of Fairytrail White cascade hydrangea in a greenhouse
  • Mophead flowers
  • Thrives in shade
  • Unique habit

We are thrilled to introduce these two new members of the Fairytrail series of Cascade Hydrangeas: Fairytrail Green and Fairytrail White. Each shares the graceful habit of arching, cascading branches with a flower bud at every node, but Fairytrail White is a mophead version of the world-famous Fairytrail Bride hydrangea. It has irresistible container presentation and impulse appeal, and makes a beautiful choice for landscapes, gardens, and decorative containers - even hanging baskets. 

Hardiness on the Cascade Hydrangeas is a bit of an unusual situation. The plants themselves are actually quite hardy - as hardy as H. macrophylla, perhaps a bit more. However, because they bloom so much earlier in the season than other hydrangeas, their flower buds are more susceptible to damage from unexpected spring frosts and freezes. To combat this, we have found that planting them in sites where they are shaded in the morning is very helpful. It allows any ice crystals on the plant to melt away very gradually, reducing the risk of tissue damage. Protecting them with old blankets on those spring nights and mornings when unusually cold weather threatens is also a viable approach. 

6-9 (-10°F/-23.3°C)
Part sun
Finish Time
1 season
Bloom Time
Late spring
Flower Color
Foliage Color
Liner Sizes
2 1/4", 4", Quick Turn


Moist but well drained soils are best. Cascade hydrangeas are less susceptible to wilting than bigleaf hydrangeas, but cannot take soggy conditions for any period of time. Tolerant of a range of soil pH levels, however, soil pH will not influence flower color.


Avoid pruning Cascade hydrangeas, except to remove any dead wood. These hydrangeas cannot be cut back or trimmed at any time of the year without impacting the bloom for either the current season or the next. Though they do rebloom readily on new wood, the best display comes from treating them as though they bloom only old wood.


Cascade hydrangeas are perfect for flower gardens, cottage gardens, and container gardens. They also make great hanging baskets or look great spilling over rocks and wall spaces.

Growing Tips

Grow in part sun, especially in morning, to prevent cold damage to the flower buds.