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…red-pink mophead blooms make Wee Bit Giddy hydrangea a favorite in our trial gardens. Growers will be delighted with its tight, compact growth, dark glossy foliage, and strong stems. Thanks to its parents Let’s Dance Rave® hydrangea and Cityline® Paris hydrangea, it also reblooms. We recommend this variety as a…


…- but just a wee bit. Wee Bit Innocent hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) is for them, and for anyone who can appreciate a high performance hydrangea with drop-dead gorgeous looks. Large, rounded mophead flowers are comprised of doubled florets of a sweet-yet-sassy pink or blue; it also exhibits some rebloom in…


…be grouchy - add Wee Bit Grumpy hydrangea to your product mix today! It combines the best of both worlds, with the handsome appeal and fast production times of florist hydrangeas with the rugged durability of a landscape plant. Though it is beautiful grown in untreated soil, it is positively…


'Minuet' weigela is a dwarf shrub - less than three feet tall. Two-toned magenta-rose and light purple flowers bloom freely for three to six weeks. The leaves are green with a hint of red.

‘Gold Rush’

Consistent variegation, with gold and green leaves and light pink flowers.


Large, bright pink flowers cover this compact 3-5' plant. Long bloom time and good resistance to winter damage.


A triploid hybrid from France that exhibits three flower colors - white, red, and pink - at once.


A super colorful variegated selection with dark red flowers and green leaves with bright yellow margins.

‘Red Prince’

An excellent, dark red flowering variety with abundant blooms that resist fading. A hardy rebloomer developed at Iowa State University.


A hardy dwarf selection from the Czech Republic, Snippet Lime® weigela with fresh, lime-green foliage and pure pink blooms. It also reblooms quite nicely and can be cycle-pruned to deliver a flowering crop to retailers all season long.


…weigela but is exceptionally strong flowering. It is a bit faster growing and has proven more heat tolerant in our trials. The foliage looks good right up until frost, giving new energy to this long-time favorite.


Like a fine wine, this weigela has good body! Fine Wine® weigela has a tight, upright, split-resistant habit. Dark burgundy foliage contrasts with the rosy pink blooms in late spring/early summer. Height and habit is between that of Midnight Wine® and Wine & Roses® weigela.

SNIPPET® Dark Pink

Snippet® Dark Pink weigela is a hardy dwarf selection from the Czech Republic with richer, dark pink flower color than ‘Pink Poppet’ or ‘Minuet’. It reblooms quite nicely and can be cycle-pruned to deliver a flowering crop to retail through the garden season.


Spilled Wine® weigela has dark red, wavy leaves and a spreading habit. Its hot pink-magenta flowers are similar to those of Wine & Roses® weigela, but this is a smaller plant that is wider than it is tall. It greatly expands the versatility of that best selling weigela. Spilled Wine®…


The breeder of Wine & Roses® weigela also created Midnight Wine® weigela, a super dark leafed, super dwarf variety. Puts out the occasional pink flower but primarily grown for its deeply colorful, wavy foliage. Consider using it as a thornless, non-invasive alternative to 'Crimson Pygmy' barberry.