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Plant of the Week July 10, 2020

…- in northern regions tend to like it a bit cooler. Like people, cold-climate plants will tolerate warm temperatures better with extra water and some shade. But there's a limit to how much heat some plants can take.

Plant of the Week April 25, 2019

A couple of weeks ago some of the staff here at Spring Meadow was all excited about this thing going on in Georgia. Some guy hitting a ball. I think his name was Bear? Anyway, I'm kind of aware of the event because there's usually some gratuitous azalea footage to…

Plant of the Week September 15, 2022

…also has distinctive wiry foliage that is a fun bit of texture for the landscape.

Plant of the Week June 20, 2019

…ornamental plants like regular watering this might be a bit much for some of them, not to mention the increased risk of fungal problems such weather can bring. Luckily there are some plants that genuinely like wet conditions. Cephalanthus occidentalis, or buttonbush, is one of them.

Plant of the Week July 2, 2020

…retail, too. Viburnum are awesome, but many are a bit awkward as young container plants and so may not appeal to impulse shoppers. This tidy little plant will. Durable and adaptable, it's a reliable choice for most gardens, even ones in cold climates. Lil' Ditty® grows in USDA 3-8.

Plant of the Week July 25, 2019

…green foliage. There's a bit of a sheen to the leaves that's quite enticing. An appealing habit in a container is pretty great, too. Let's face it, many Viburnum look a little awkward in a pot. But Emerald Envy® is a plant that invites you to come and get a…

Plant of the Week November 19, 2019

…lilac I have at my farmhouse, but still a bit much for a subdivision lot. It's with great pleasure we introduce Baby Kim™ Syringa, a dwarf version of 'Miss Kim' that grows 2-3' tall.

Pre-Budded Hydrangeas

…grow according to our thirteen-week recipe, and end up with a crop of flowering Proven Winners ColorChoice hydrangeas to ship for Mother’s Day sales. Choose from: LET'S DANCE® BLUE JANGLES® Hydrangea macrophylla* LET'S DANCE SKY VIEW® Hydrangea macrophylla* WEE BIT GIDDY® Hydrangea macrophylla WEE BIT GRUMPY® Hydrangea macrophylla* WEE BIT…

Plant of the Week October 20 2022

…Spiraea japonica is a bit like a certain music legend. Perhaps that's how we landed on its name: Double Play® Dolly™. People sometimes underestimate spirea. It's an adaptable and deer-resistant plant that will grow in tough conditions like clay or alkaline soil. It's both practical and ornamental - a great…

New Varieties

…Zone 3-7 OSO EASY EN FUEGO™ Rosa Zone 4-9 WEE BIT INNOCENT™ Hydrangea mac. Zone 5-9 FAIRYTRAIL™ White Hydrangea Zone 6-9 View All New Varieties

2021 New ColorChoice Variety Introductions

…bigleaf hydrangeas, aptly named Wee Bit Grumpy™ and Wee Bit Giddy™. The latter is a cross between the Let's Dance Rave® hydrangea and Cityline® Paris hydrangea, bringing the saturated color of the Cityline series and the reblooming ability of the Let's Dance series. The Let's Dance series of hydrangeas has…

Shrub Madness partners with Corona Tools to make this year’s competition more exciting than ever

…hydrangea and the diminutive Wee Bit Grumpy® bigleaf hydrangea are back and in great form for the 2021 faceoffs. But they have some stiff competition from other new varieties like the fragrant Illuminati Arch® mock orange and Austin Pretty Limits® oleander, a shrub that already knows how to take the…

Invincibelle Spirit II FAQs

…vibrant flowers, so a bit of patience is advised. If you’ve had your plant for a few seasons and its flowers are still pale and washed out, it is a pretty good indication that you’ve planted it in too much shade. If I planted my Invincibelle Spirit II hydrangea in…