Lagerstroemia indica


pp#33,291; CBRAF

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Center Stage Pink Lagerstroemia's pink blooms contrasting against its black foliage in summer Habit of Lagerstroemia Center Stage Pink in trial field. Close up of Lagerstroemia Center Stage Pink's bright pink blooms in summer Lagerstroemia Center Stage Pink's black foliage pre-pink blooms in spring
  • Vigorous Grower
  • Rich Foliage
  • Heat tolerant

The total package, this is one of the best performers in our University of Florida trials. Center Stage Pink bumps up the bloom date, intensifies the rich foliage color, and reduced the mildew. Megan Mathey has sorted through thousands of plants to select only the best, cleanest, most vigorous growing crapes on the market.

USDA Zone 6b-10 (-10°F/-23°C)

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Exposure Full sun

Height 6-12'

Width 8'

Finish Time 1 season

Type Deciduous

Bloom Time summer

Flower Color Pink

Foliage Color Black

Liner Sizes 2 1/4", 4", Quick Turn

Soil Moist, well drained soils are best, but crapemyrtle is widely adaptable, including to compacted urban soils.

Pruning Blooms on new wood. Pruning depends on the plant's role in the landscape, however, these large, tree-like crapemyrtles are best pruned only to develop an appealing form. Regular pruning or cutting back should generally be avoided.

Uses Specimen plant; hedging; foundation plantings.

Growing Tips Boasts handsome bark and excellent fall color in addition to flowers. Can be grown multi- or single stemmed.