‘Miss Molly’

Butterfly Bush

Buddleia x

'Miss Molly'

PP#23,425; CBR#4446

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Close up of Buddleia Miss Molly's deep magenta bloom with butterfly "} Buddleia Miss Molly in landscape Buddleia Miss Molly in landscape Trio of Buddleia Miss Molly in garden with Hydrangea paniculata in the background YouTube video describing the plant shown on this page
  • Fantastic color
  • Compact habit
  • Non-invasive

The closest to red we've seen! The fragrant flowers of 'Miss Molly' butterfly bush are a rich sangria-red, which is typically even more intense in warm weather and hot climates. But it's not just the flower color that sets 'Miss Molly' apart - it also boasts a refined, semi-dwarf habit that is perfect for gardens and residential landscapes. Non-invasive and approved for sale in Oregon.

RHS Award of Garden Merit
5 - 9 (-20°F/-28.9°C)
Full sun
4 - 5'
4 - 5'
Finish Time
.5 season
Bloom Time
Summer - frost
Flower Color
Foliage Color
Liner Sizes
2 1/4", 4", Quick Turn


Good drainage is essential. The combination of wet soil and cold temperatures is particularly detrimental.


Prune only after new growth emerges in spring. Cut back to just above a set of large, healthy buds.


The medium size and refined habit of 'Miss Molly' makes it well suited to mixed borders and perennial gardens, as well as butterfly and humminbird gardens. It can be incorporated into foundation plantings, but is best combined with other plants to ensure interest in winter and spring.

Growing Tips

Plant in full sun for best flowering. Deadheading not required for continuous bloom. In clay soils, plant a bit higher than ground level to divert moisture away from the center of the plant.