Shrubs of the Year

Spring Meadow launched the Landscape Plant of the Year program in 2016 to highlight a Proven Winners ColorChoice variety of particular interest to the landscape market. It proved so popular that we were asked by the Proven Winners Retail Advisory Board to expand it to garden centers and consumers. Starting in 2019, the Proven Winners National Plant of the Year program highlights a hydrangea of the year, a rose of the year,  flowering shrub of the year and landscape shrub of the year, in addition to its perennial and annual Plants of the Year. The Shrubs of the Year will be decided by a vote from our Gold Key growers. Selections will be made based on ease of growth, wide geographic and cultural adaptability, and retail appeal.

Hydrangea of the Year: Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea paniculata

With assets like these: petite size, earliest panicle hydrangea to bloom, earliest panicle hydrangea to turn color, handsome foliage, great fall color, hardy to USDA zone 3 and heat tolerant through USDA zone 8, it's no wonder this space-saving version of the original Quick Fire® earns the honor of Hydrangea of the Year.

Rose of the Year: Suñorita® Rosa

Can't decide whether you like orange or yellow roses best? Get both with Suñorita rose! With its perfectly sculpted buds, high petal count, and sunshine-y color, Suñorita rose is sure to make you - and gardeners everywhere - smile. 

Flowering Shrub of the Year: Double Play Doozie® Spiraea

The words "innovation" and "spiraea" aren't normally associated with one another - until Double Play Doozie® spirea came along. Developed by Dr. Tom Ranney at NCSU, Double Play Doozie is the first and only perpetually blooming seedless spirea. It blooms continuously from late spring through frost, and sports red new growth through the season. 

Landscape Shrub of the Year: Incrediball® Hydrangea arborescens

Incrediball hydrangea is a much-improved version of the classic 'Annabelle', bearing huge blooms on sturdy stems for a presentation that even the fussiest homeowner would approve of. It's an easy way for landscapers and designers to make their clients very happy.

Shrubs of the Year will receive additional promotion to landscapers, retailers, and consumers in print, radio, and online, including on the Proven Winners Plant of the Year website.

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To help you plan your production and shipping, we are pleased to share future Shrubs of the Year:


Landscape Shrub of the Year: Purple Pillar® Hibiscus syriacus

Rose of the Year: Ringo All-Star Rosa

Hydrangea of the Year: Limelight Prime® Hydrangea paniculata

Flowering Shrub of the Year: Let's Dance Can Do! Hydrangea macrophylla × serrata


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